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Overview of Our Services

Personnel Leasing

The concept of temporary employment is a popular solution for flexible reaction to changing personnel requirements in many industries that suffer a shortage of urgently needed staff during the peak times of the fiscal year. We will make sure that you are ready for these times precisely. With our long experience and competence in personnel leasing, we can provide well-prepared staff quickly to you. No matter when, no matter where. We remain the employees’ employer, avoiding additional effort for your company.

Try and Hire

If you have found employees that meet your needs very well in the scope of personnel leasing, or if they have particularly convinced you otherwise, you are welcome to hire them. You can employ them directly in your company then. This reduces your recruiting effort since you already know them.

Personnel Placement

We not only provide our own staff to you but will also gladly go looking for matching employees for you. We will happily take care of the entire recruiting process if you wish. We observe your wishes and needs when choosing candidates.

Personnel Consulting

We will advise you on optimising your processes if you are deploying your own employees. Changes are ever-increasing, also in HR management. New technologies and the resulting options often are not immediately evident. We will support you in this.

Nabri Takidze

Managing Director

DE / GE / RU

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Warehouse and logistics

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Automotive and suppliers


We Like Things Safe

Safety takes the highest priority for us. All of our employees go through safety instruction and regular trainings. We make this transparent to the outside with our DIN EN ISO 9001:2015-certificate and membership in the IGZ.

We Like Things Personal

Personal and individual contact with you, our customer, and with our employees is very important to us. We offer weekly exchange for deployment planning and regular visits from our project managers. We provide a dedicated foreman per shift to warrant good communication within our team and with your employees on site at all times.

We Like Things Flexible

Personnel services are planned flexibly and quickly. We make sure of that. No matter when, no matter where. We will go looking for the right staff for your company from our employee pool as soon as we have received your order.

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